Visions – Eye on Dance


Visions – Eye on Dance is her declaration of love for dance as an art form. It is also a jewel of a book, a pictorial documentation of her unique private universe. All of her most important stage and screen productions are presented here in large format in the form of digital paintings Alveberg's ballets have always been thematically oriented, many were inspired by classical literature and art. Her stage interpretations have been like great tableaux on canvas, depicting a wondrous fantasy world. In this book, she also takes us behind the scenes, into the workshop, without breaking the spell.
Visions permits readers to make their own journey into Alveberg's world.

Book reviews:

Of great beauty


At last: The need of a visually beautiful book on dance has been met. It had to be Kjersti Alveberg who took on the task, and what a splendid book this has become!
"Visions - Eye on dance" is bristling with beautiful photos from successful productions through many years. Alveberg, known as a dancer and choreographer, celebrating 30 years of work, presents her ballets with brief texts in Norwegian and English. Just right, so that the pictures are not disturbed by unnecessary words.
Kjersti Alveberg is a leading figure in Norwegian dance, but she also has a name outside our country. She had her dance education in New York , Paris and Amsterdam , among other places, and has been an institution on her own almost since she started to dance.
"Visions - Eye on dance" should be the beginning only, because with such a successful book she should get down the next one. We need more such books to enjoy.
The perfect gift to the dance lover! Simply a book we have been longing for.

Reviewed by Jon-Harald Thorsås

Fireworks in the dark of autumn


The book presents Kjersti Alveberg's most important productions for stage and screen.Her ballets all have a theme, often inspired by the classical heritage of literature and painting. In this book she also takes us behind the scenes.

Kjersti Alveberg really has succeeded in transferring the dance scene in between two book covers.
Kjersti Alvebergs's book will probably be this year's Christmas gift for everyone who enjoys dance, choreography, the visual arts and enigmatic wisdom of life. The book goes through most, if not all, of her productions in Norway and abroad.
After more than 30 years as Norway 's leading figure on the dance scene, the author succeeds in giving us many joys of recognition connected to her creative and exciting productions.
Illustrated by fabulous pictures, stories from her productions and many words of wisdom for everybody to recognize, the book takes the reader into an exciting and creative universe, where dance is the important means of expression. The book is, simply, a find for anyone who might want to get inspired by Kjersti Alveberg's own joy of creating.
At the same time this is, possibly, a pioneering work as a book, as it tries to convey the joy of an art with an almost non-existing tradition of being presented in books.

Review by a reader

Stunningly beautiful


It is quite a unique event when the publishing house Press presents a big sized book on a Norwegian choreographer's work through 30 years. Kjersti Alveberg is one of the few choreographers who have worked continuously for that many years in this special profession. In this connection she has collected and written some reflections on being a choreographer in "Visions - Eye on dance" It is, however, mainly through a huge number of strong and colourful photos that the reader meets and becomes acquainted with the artist Kjersti Alveberg. The pictures make up the main part of this colourful book.

The book contains pictures from her greatest and most important ballets and productions, 27 in all. It starts with her first ballet for television, "Wish you were here" and ends with the last big task she had with the opening of The National Library in 2005. She has choreographed a lot for stage and TV, but it is through television that she has reached a big audience. She has, along with NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting), won several prestigious awards for her TV productions.

Dance photos are often stunningly beautiful with a high level of intensity, a lot of energy and movement. In "Visions - Eye on dance" there are spectacular photos of great beauty on every page. So much expression and feelings are woven into these photos, taken by many different photographers, that all of them are worth a closer study.
In short texts, in English as well as Norwegian, Alveberg tells about her life as a choreographer: It is an everlasting condition, a fact that she emphasizes by saying that she did not choose the dance - the dance chose her?
Alveberg is generous when she writes about the value of teamwork in every production and the reader gain an insight into the path she has to go every time a new ballet is to be created and carried out.

But above all it is the photo material that makes this book exiting, intense and interesting.

Review by Fredrik Rütter
Tønsbergs Blad